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written by owen on 2004-Oct-03.

On an odd sunday morning you will wake up drunk. Not drunk in the sense that you just had 2 beers at a party five minutes ago. But drunk with ideas. Ideas which are so profound you would tell you mother about it. Lets say for instance you think up an idea for a cool new movie, it's going to make you millions just on the concept alone. Making titanic look like a boat that sank in the ocean after it was hit by an iceberg. Or like a song by ABBA.
So here is the idea I have been thinking about since like 5 minutes ago. It's a movie, very epic in nature with an amount of music so complex you would need a live orchestra to play it. The main character is be called troy, mike or luke, or maybe alexandor and I will give the same name to the movie as well so it will be easy to remember. He or she will comand a great army that will be used to gain the affection of a love interest that just cannot begotten by any other means but bloody war, death and pain.
There will be tons of computer graphics and fake blood. And for you youngsters out there I am sorry this will not be animated comedy about fish underwater talking and singing, it will be R rated. Not that I'm being mean but there is only so far you can go in PG and I was young once, been there didn't like it.
Now, back to the movie. It will have enormous, with seemingly impossible battle scenes involving so many people you would wet your pants just by thinking about it. The main character will make speaches so profound it will make you invade Iraq all by yourself with nothing but a rocket propelled grenade and a hair cut. It will be shot somewhere in Scotland or Russia, the colder the better with wonderfully clean mountain ranges, valleys and dense forests. Everybody knows that the story makes the movie so I'm not going to tell anybody and there will not be any famous actors in it either because the movie will be THAT GOOD and everybody will see it because I said so.

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  1. let me know if you need help with a script:)

    by michael_halvorsen 2004-Oct-03 

  2. Maybe because I am just awake, but this does sound like you had 2 beers at a party five minutes ago.

    by Arie 2004-Oct-04 

  3. Owen, stop smoking the weed my yute! Stopit! Stopit! Stopit!


    by AngryDog 2004-Oct-04 

  4. If I had a studio, some monkeys and 100 million dollars that movie would be a blockbuster! aAlmost as big as big as that Harry Porter dude.

    by owen 2004-Oct-05 

  5. hey (not that i got anyfink against the usa) but make sho (if there is one) the hero isn't american. i'm sick of the american dude savin the day for the ppl tormented by whoever the 'eeeevil' nation is sposed to be these days... lol [just a suggestion]

    by me 2004-Oct-05 

  6. i'll be at the premiere

    by roseability 2004-Oct-06 

  7. James Bond, Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Alec Guinness and Jean Claude Van Damme, to name a few aren't American :) There are plenty of non-american heros.

    by Stu 2004-Oct-06 

  8. but stu if you look at it in the context of the movie they are playing americans

    by owen 2004-Oct-06 

  9. i hate the majority of americans, expecially the ones who support george duyba bush.

    by michael_halvorsen 2004-Oct-08 

  10. hate is such a strong word would be better to say;

    I not have sex with the majority of americans


    by owen 2004-Oct-08