Storm the Aftermath

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written by owen on 2004-Sep-14.

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A bit late but everything is buzzing again. The government was quick to restart everything after being armed with "Emergency Powers". On Monday September 13 2004 all banks where open and the clean up started slowly but surely. Billboards, signs, electricty poles and tall trees where easy victims to the furious winds of the hurricane which lasted all through the night. Low lying areas were flooded and houses with zinc roofs lost their roofs. Looting in a few areas, people got marooned and or killed by falling trees. Electricity, telephones and water went soon after the hurricane hit, some people are still waiting for them to return. Most of the utility poles were broken or damaged.
All being said it was a very rainy weekend, could have been worst (and for some people it probably was), it seems that we no longer have internet service either (something about severed cables). Probably no local sites will get to update again - ever.


Internet and electricity is back. The agricultural industry suffered alot of damage, in an interview the Minister of Agricultural mentioned the word "famine" but then quickly changed it to "food shortage".

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  1. good to see you're alive and well owen. you don't seem too perturbed by all this. love that 'spot the difference' picture too, heh.

    by roseability 2004-Sep-14 

  2. I try to always remain objective even if you have a rocket launcher I will still come at you with a rocket launcher. The before and after picture was pure photographic luck. I did not expect the anything to happen when I took the first picture only 4 days before.

    by owen 2004-Sep-14 

  3. glad to see everything went well owen. keep safe and kill looters.

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Sep-15 

  4. Looter killing isn't really in my line of work but in some cases there are ever armed looters. No looters in my area though, thank goodness.

    by owen 2004-Sep-15 

  5. Wow, great before and after picture. The big tree on the left took some damage.

    What part of JA is this?

    by Stu 2004-Sep-15 

  6. Heavy!

    (Poor tree.)

    by MaThIbUs 2004-Sep-16 

  7. I'd be all like, wow. nice rocketlauncher. is that the new model? which viewfinder is that? ooh, you got the latest high explosive rounds. can I try some?
    Glad to read you are okay ;)

    by Hayo 2004-Sep-16 

  8. stu: trees, road sign and such took damage all over the island. This is in St. Catherine.
    I like my rockets with cheese.

    by owen 2004-Sep-16 

  9. My step-mother sent me some pictures of their apartment. "Relatively" minor damage, just some of the galvanized roofing getting torn off. They are OK since they are on the second of a three story apartment. No flood danger and no roof to tear off.

    by Stu 2004-Sep-16 

  10. Hey Owen, your hurricane coverage has earned u a place on my bloglinks, so I'll be adding you momentarily, if you don't mind


    by AngryDog 2004-Sep-17 

  11. good to know you are OK. I am as well. Electricity returned tonight. Water was back Tuesday. Lots of blogging to catch up on among other things.

    by DoctorD 2004-Sep-17 

  12. my area has those concrete electricity poles, so it was not long before electricity returned water took about a week.

    by owen 2004-Sep-19 

  13. I am so happy to be able to even see the internect because I live in Grenada and Ivan thrashed the island. For me I am OK, my house wasn't damaged, i have cellphone, telephone, water and i have a generator running, hence I am here, that is just for me. This is not the case for 90% of the population, in general the majority of the country will stary without power for another month or so (my estimation). I did get to go out in the hurricane though (it was a rush). Heck we are really thrashed.

    by cipher 2004-Sep-21 

  14. i must add to my previous comment. the looting down here is outrageous, most people have wines, brandy, whiskey, etc. that they can't even afford. lots of countries sent stuff to us but people looted some of the major food distributors on the island even before those aid got here so they are well stocked. like you said owen a funny thing is that the phonelines stayed up. well mine didn't really stay up it got damaged but by breaking the rule and tampering with the line i got it working again (i had to do it cuz it will be about a month b4 the technicians get here).

    by cipher 2004-Sep-21 

  15. another this is that there was a 6am to 6pm curfew (for me there was no curfew). the prison got damaged and so the majority of the prisoners had escaped.

    by todd alexander 2004-Sep-21 

  16. wait that's 6pm to 6am right? Glad to see you ok, I didn't even realise you were in Grenada. Stay safe dude.

    by owen 2004-Sep-22 

  17. yea its 6pm to 6am and yea i live in grenada the only bad thing is that we are on holiday for 3+ months now. People would think that it is a good thing to be on holdiday but when you think about it we are losing educational time and more work will be pushed when we return.

    by cipher 2004-Sep-22 

  18. 3+ months of holiday is bad thing for any country.

    by owen 2004-Sep-22