1. It turns into hydrogen gas and explodes.

    by Hayo 2004-Sep-30 

  2. It turnes out that even water can go bad. The specifics I don't know.

    by Arie 2004-Sep-30 

  3. there is no "real rationale, but i do believe that putting expiration date on bottled water have to do with taste and not health issue. This whole process also have to do with safety and the quality of drinking water.

    by pet 2004-Sep-30 

  4. Yes, it's true...water can go bad (or maybe the chemicals they add to it to purify it or even the plastic it's stored in may degrade)--I dunno. But, the best thing to do is to drink a few bottles of expired water and see what happens ;). If we hear back from you, then all is well...otherwise we'll know not to drink expired water.


    by AngryDog 2004-Sep-30 

  5. i say you are all wrong. the water bottling companies put expiration dates on the bottles to help boost sales. they would much rather see you buy more bottles after a certain date.

    by michael_halvorsen 2004-Sep-30 

  6. Same controversy came up about something else, I can't remember what. But the company (or industry) essentially out a shelf life date half of what it would have been on the product and they got busted. I wish I could remember what it was. It was on the news a few months back.

    by Stu 2004-Sep-30 

  7. It takes its place in the circle of life.

    Business ventures ensuring that they keep steady incomes.

    by scratchie 2004-Oct-07 

  8. i think that water itself won't go bad, but maybe the bottlers make their products too cheap to allow water to have infinite shelf life. it would probably also be cheaper if they made more durable containers for water. who knows? all i know is that having to buy water (over 70% of our existence) is still a mystery to me.

    now i have a question for you owen. can i add you to my links page?? contact me and let me know. i'd also love to be added to your list if that was ok.

    by aurie 2004-Oct-10 

  9. Bottled water is just like any other water that is stagnant(still), it's just there, lying around-not moving, harbouring impurities that will always be found in any form of water(except probably distilled water, need to check that out). Any water that stays stagnant for a while will turn bad, and cause one to be ill, if consumed/not. The more impurities the quicker it becomes bad. I can go on with this idea, but i think u get my point and can further expound.

    by H2O 2004-Nov-01 

  10. water will prbably go bad if not stored under the proper conditions and yes when it reaches the expiration date the water actually changes colour i've seen it turns brownish yellow so in case it goes bad and develops a horrid smell

    by Greg 2005-Feb-15 

  11. Seriously ... Professor Shotyk of Heidelberg, Germany said his research showed that a potentially deadly toxin called antimony, used in making plastic bottles, leaked into water the way water absorbs flavour from teabags. “The longer the water is stored, the higher the level of poison,” says the research, putting a big question mark over the use of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles for mineral water and beverages globally.

    by bb 2006-Apr-14 

  12. I had a case stored that was a year past the expiration date. I was skeptical about water going bad too. We drank a few bottles between me and my kids. I may have poisoned us all but we all survived. I will be throwing out the rest of the case. =)

    by ah 2006-Jul-15