Only happy when it rains

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written by owen on 2004-Jul-26.

When you live in kingston it's hot, very hot, like JLO or that Nina Sky song. And because of this it doesn't rain that much as in the rural areas, especially with all the concrete, toxic waste and pollution. It hasn't rained in a while but when it does rain it pours for like week. When it rains there's also crazy traffic congestion because people like to drive around in the rain, the rain is good.
Jamaica hasn't had a good hurricane in years, not that I like 120 mile an hour winds and widespread destruction but a hurricane every now and then would make me feel a whole lot better. Probably reduce the crime level, you never know it might help. Shit happens. People can't hang around on street corners when it's raining, your clothes get wet. There have been a few thunder storms, floods in various caribbean countries - mostly in low lying areas affecting only the people who live dangerously close to rivers and fire stations. But a hurriance now is a different bag a chips all together. Hurricanes bring strong winds, lightning, constant rain with the occasional landslide to everybody. Schools close, emergency workers get paid, it could not be a better situation. So people hate the rain I love it. They often travel across the caribbean like loss children in a supermarket.
Rain is a definate advantage of living in the tropics, because it's almost like snow without the extra cold, padding, ice and old people. When we can't go to the beach, the water comes to us and on the rare occasion some hail maybe - but it never stays around too long (because that would be a bad thing). Rain is a sign that the mother nature is running the way it should, unless of course it is acid rain, then you'll know.

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  1. me too, i love rain.

    by roseability 2004-Jul-27 

  2. My yute, where were you when Gilbert did a gwaan? Lest we forget that the hurricane did nothing to help fact, it made even the common man into a criminal [i.e. looter] not to mention the loss of life, disruption of society and so on...rain is one thing, but a hurricane is a completely different kettle of fish. BTW, bad man nuh fraid fi get wet for the sake of committing a crime.


    by Angrydog 2004-Jul-27 

  3. I have to agree with Angry Dog here. Gilbert brought nothing but devastation to Jamaica. The looters went on a rampage while the more decent citizens of this country took cover. Gilbert was the one major hurricane I have experienced and I don't need to see another in my lifetime.

    Regarding rain, I like it as it cools the place down, keeps the hills which flank Kingston a beautiful green and puts water into our reservoirs. It seems the rainy season has started a bit early here this June's scorching heat for me any day.

    I agree with your saying that shit happens...we are not the ones who decide when a natural disaster occurs. But, the answer to crime and violence is to empower the people by educating them and the provision of jobs...something that it seems our politicians over the years from both major sides have conveniently blinded themselves to. Jamdown will never come out of the shit that it has sank into until this occurs. Ah bwoy.

    Respec my yute.

    by DoctorD 2004-Jul-28 

  4. Yes, rain good. At home, bundy, we are too far from town to get piped water, so we have four 6000gl rain water tanks. So i grew up appriciating rain. I love it when it rains. Cant get enuff of it.

    by pointybeard 2004-Jul-28 

  5. I was probably about 7 or 8 on September 10, 1988 when Hurricane Gilbert, killed 300 in Jamaica, Texas & Yucatan . But I was living in mandeville, at that vantage point it was just another holiday with lots of rain. I didn't expirence any looting, minor house damage, thankfully.

    by owen 2004-Jul-28 

  6. i love the rain as well. i was on my way home a few days back ( the day i wrote this, ) and it started to rain. i would normally close the window but i didn't. i then started to cry for no apparent reason. it felt real good.

    anyways, the rain has an effect on me that i have yet to find in anything else. i can drive up to the lake (lake erie in ohio) and watch the sunset. thats just calming though. the rain is a relief to me, under the right circumstances.

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Jul-28 

  7. all i remember about Gilbert was being 6 and excited to have indoor swimming pool (the roof upstairs at the front went along with the winds). It was serious but i still managed to enjoy it.

    by Breakspeare 2004-Aug-17 

  8. Who told u guys that Jamaica didn’t benefit from Gilbert?

    i think that it was the best eye opener for the country. We also benefited for hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign exchange, far more than what we could earn at that time.

    by sniperj 2004-Sep-09