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written by owen on 2004-Sep-27.

Life proves time and time again that despite how confused you think you are, there are people out there who are even less confused than you are. These people actually know what they are talking about and you shouldn't listen to them because most likely they are trying to steal your money. Soon you'll discover that nobody is really smarter than anybody else. It's all a matter what you spend you time doing, and whatever that is will eventually make you better at it than other people. Play to win.
One of the many things I've discovered as people get older, you start to accept life as it is, rather than thinking of it as a great big adventure. Which sucks really but I won't hold it against you - it's un avoidable. I have a few ideas for the website, in the back of my head somewhere I just hope they can materialize before my hair grows back. Because I my bad boy thug image cannot co-exist with the web site.
So I have started school again. Evening classes with alot of old people and married women in the business courses but I do a computer course and so. I considered full time school but on the money to sleep ratio - money won out and when your not a rap artist it's ridiculously hard to buy anything when you have no money.

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  1. i respectfully disagree with you. there are stupid people. i've seen them, i've been friends with them, i've worked with them, i know many.

    how ever you look at it, its all relative. everything is relative. the smart ones are those who realize there are smarter people than themselves. until you realize that, you're stupid.

    by michael_halvorsen 2004-Sep-27 

  2. As Michael said, intelligence is relative. There <em>are</em> smarter people than me, and there are smarter people than you. (Did you know only about 10 people fully understand E=mc²?) But that just ain't what it's all about. It's about what you do with your intelligence --- smart people can be "stupid", too.

    by MaThIbUs 2004-Sep-29 

  3. I definately agree with michael and mathibus, there are indeed people who are smarter than's a law of nature. But, then again, the smartest people aren't always the richest. The ones that make it are those that have a little idea and decide to take a risk and try it out.


    by AngryDog 2004-Sep-30 

  4. Interesting topic. I have taken IQ tests and have wondered what really is "intelligence". What doe sit mean to say someone is "smart".

    I do agree with Owen that one person may be an expert in one thing and in that topic "do better" than another person. But the roles can easily be reversed if the topic was changed. For example, you may have someone well versed in Literature and grammar, but horrible at math and vice versa. Are both people smart or both stupid. I guess it depends on what is being measured at the time.

    by Stu 2004-Sep-30