Sweet serenade

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written by owen on 2014-Sep-19.

I am not sure what it is but I am getting sick and tired of cheese. Cheese is everywhere. I am not sure why really because in the old days if you wanted cheese you had to get a cheese burger. Or something that was similarly titled "cheese xxxx". Nowadays cheese is omnipresent like rice or monkeys. I think it's some kind of conspiracy or something. I am not sure why you would make everything taste like cheese. Once you add cheese to anything you can't taste anything else. What's the point?

I need to be redeemed. It is the way I am. My evil deeds will catch up to me sooner or later - the future is what it is. This is your life but it is our time. You can change it a little but that train that is going to run you over has already left the station and is gaining speed. No use worrying about the future - it is coming. Bus and women. Money for this art. There is no stopping it. Pray all you want. A fail to kiss is a fail to cope.

No matter how easy things seem to be there is always a regular line and special line. Even simple things are produced in a way which average people can easily consume and be happy about in their average way. You can dream big and even give the appearance of being in a better place than you are. But at the end of the day no one matters except the people who stick around when you go crazy. We all die and a new model always comes out, brand new clip, brand new nine, brand new weed, brand new high. Keep searching.

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