How does pollution affect the management of a port?

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written by George Malcolm on 2013-Mar-09.

I am currently studying international shipping and logistics and every articles seeks to give information about the souces of pollution at a port etc but not how it affects the port opperations.

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  1. Based on my observations the operations at a port will continue and long as there is water in the sea polluted or not. However accidents and dangerous chemicals can cause harm to the employees of the port rendering it difficult if not impossible to work or continue operations. Hope that helps.

    by owen 2013-Mar-09 

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  6. I used to live Oakland. The air is so bad there by the coast. Like eyes and throat burning bad. But we need those shipping containers, right? Switching to port power supposedly makes the difference. Why they don't do it? Because Wall Street runs those ships, and Wall Street doesn't breathe that air. I marched and shut down the port in solidarity with the truckers union. Did it make a difference?

    by sllbidr 2015-May-29