The new distraction; German Jamaican Flag Burning Ad

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written by owen on 2013-Feb-25.

This is a clear case of the media wasting time on superfluous issues. While ignoring the prominent issues currently facing the people of Jamaica.

Here is the controversial ad in question;

Now anybody watching that ad would find it funny, unless they have no sense of humor. Or they have just taken part in the NDX. Infact I find that ad less offensive that the stereotypical Volkswagen Game Day 2013 Commercial - because those cars are too expensive for Jamaicans and we don't talk like that, but the Tourist board is glad to knee-jerk anything it can find to make an extra buck instead of promoting things that are actually Jamaican and invest in Jamaica itself - rather than waiting in the bushes.

The song featured in the Advertisement is by Barrington Levy;
"Dem dress up inna jacket & dem dress up inna tie,
Come a court house want to tell peer lies, Dem a murderer, Tell dem already wi have to tell dem again Tell dem already wi have to tell dem again"

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