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written by owen on 2012-Jun-14.

If you follow video game entertainment at all you might have known that the E3 conference completed last week. Here is my round up;

The Last of Us

Another murder simulator from Naughty Dog. I really think they should go into making movies. Movies are much cheaper and would make them tons more money. How do you go from avoiding bad guys to killing EVERY BODY IN THE BUILDING?

I can see it now, news gets around fast in this post apocoloyptic world - everybody wants to kill you and eat your brain. I have a hatred for super smart zombies as well. Zombies setting traps and baracades for you to fall in to - it seriously makes no sense.

The Last Of Us looks like scripted mess and I'm not going to stop saying it until the Naughty Dog fanbois grow a second brain that is capable of recognising the difference between a playable cutscene and a game. I am not going to even try and explain what a game is, its something like Pac-man when you enter the maze but instead of the ghosts roaming around the room, they are cussing and talking to themselves loudly.

I am saying that its going to be a bad game. All I am saying that it would be a better movie. Which is good thing since you are playing it on the best Bluray player on the market. You can hear a gun shot from a mile away, any shots fire would alert anybody in the area - its time video games stopped using shitty mechanics.

Tomb Raider

Nice tits. Getting shot splashes water on the screen. Wow. Not to mention Lara chooses to use a bow when all the baddies are using assualt rifles.

The constant forward push seen in the trailor is pointless as well, only an idiot would enter a river of rushing water while on the side of a cliff. Even the contruction of the environment is void of any logic.

Halo 4

Feels like Metroid Prime.
Just as I said in my Prometheous Review: Never take off your helmet - EVER!

Watch Dogs

Hacking in to cellphones and street lights is not really my thing but those trees and wind effects look top notch.
The user interface looks clean but nothing here convinces me that this game is not another scripted cover based third person shooter. Has blade runner vibe as well, hopefully there are no stages on trains.

Beyond: Two Souls

Not much you can tell from a long ass cutscene.
Maybe its a point and click game.

Assasin's Creed 3

So stealthy he doesn't even leave foot prints in the snow.

Nintendo Land

Nintendo is at it again with its family games. Nothing New here.
As long as I don't have to hold the controller up to the screen all day.

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