Playstation Move Sucks Now

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written by owen on 2010-Oct-17.

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I am a long time Wii owner and I played Move over at a friends house. I can safely say that its precision is its downfall - yes its precise but if I have to throw my arm out just to get a gold medal on Sports Champions then its not at all worth it! I like may arms, I play video games to avoid REAL sports. I'm a skinny guy, I don't need exercise, how are you going to beat the game if the simplest most redundant moves make you arm tired after half and hour? Why can't I do a horizontal slash?

I've played wii sports resort for eight straight hours, I wouldn't dare try that with the Move. PSMove fanatics need to start telling people their medal status on Sports champions because I don't think they are playing the game for very long.

The on-screen pointer lags abit too and the menu controls for some of the games are inconsistent. I get tempted to point at the screen and click stuff but some game I played had no screen pointer. Oh and another thing, the dam buttons around the move button, I hope people get accustomed to them eventually but they kinda confusing to use during play. Hopefully in the future the software averages out between exercise machine and gaming controler. If you never played the wii before then The move will be new ground for you but for the millions in Wii land; Precision does not equal fun. But right now I give it a 7 for poorly inplemented Wii Clone.

Bottom Line: Playstation Move sucks right now, at least on the software side until some good software comes out. The hardware maybe precise but that is also its downfall.

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  1. Honestly when i first saw the ad on tv, they were using the pink one and it resembled the fleshlight from a distance, i had to take a second look #imjustsaying

    by Tami 2010-Oct-17 

  2. could it be you need to use more of your wrist and less of your arm? I haven't tried it so I don't really know.

    by Gods Child 2010-Oct-29 

  3. i agree. this move sucks by now. i was playing the fight game and..... what the hell????? i was already tired trying to beat one of tbe first enemies "weak guy" but the freaking move controllers never followed the speed i was using. it was moving 10 times slower than what i was actually moving. And by the way, that silly shiny ball on the controller sucks. i love playstation stuffs for being so stylish and tech designs but that silly changing color ball just sucks as everything in the move. So, they need to improve the response of the camera and the remotes and find another way and get rid of the kinder garden ball. otherwise, i'll never buy it. I am glad for trying it at my friends house B4 wasting my money.

    by Sheward 2010-Nov-16 

  4. I think they made the game play slower to make it more of a "game". But its a pity they don't realize that people are going to want the game to mimic what they are doing in real life and it doesn't which is lame.

    by owen 2010-Nov-22 

  5. it could be a lot better than what it is.
    Simply these gun games are too overcomplicated for the simple move.

    If I worked for Sony i'de make them an extra billion easy.
    They're just too stupid for their own worth.

    by Mo 2011-Mar-07