Console Games on a Handheld - Definition

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written by owen on 2011-Feb-07.

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Dispite the fact that the PSP was as poorly designed as the ps3 IMHO I think the best explanation for the topic of the post is;

"Straight ports of console games which weren't designed specifically for handheld "

A REALLY good game on the console will probably be a good game on a handheld. But such is not the case with all games. And there are some games that will are definitely better off not ported. There are some design changes that must be made to the game to make it play well on a small screen.

You really have to cut down on the Text, the loading, the annoying repeative fetch quests and infinite spawning enemies that many console games use to extend play time.

I can only imagine how the shooting mechanics are going to work in Uncharted. I can forsee many a NGP player getting shot by a off-screen enemy and falling into a pit while using the back touch pad to jump. Its as illogical as the character model being 3/4 the height of the screen (see thumb).

I always wondered why the Gameboy had 2 buttons for so long, its because 2 buttons is all the complexity you really need when you are trying not to get mugged at the bus stop.

Console games are long, complicated and can require the players full attention. Handheld games on the other hand should be unique and only require as much attention from the player as needed to complete a single level or section. Nothing more.

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