Better Mus Come review

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written by owen on 2010-Oct-19.

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Better Mus Come covers diverse topics in Jamaican culture, politics and crime without delving too deep into aspects of tribal warfare and gun politics. This however may alienate non-Jamaicans and people who may not have the background knowledge to pick up the hidden and not so hidden messages. That being said, the movie is the better for it. Its lack of hand holding. Clearly it was put together by fresh minds not enslaved by American movie conventions.

Locations are nicely selected and the still shots are bueatiful and poetically done. Everything from the old kerosene oil lantern and tight bell bottom pants, to the wrought iron patio chairs add to authenticity of the period piece.

My rating 9 out of 10. Near perfect. It could only be better if the local theaters didn't split the movie in 2 with a 10 minute intermission. It is well worth the ticket price. Go see it now!

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  1. I have to give it a check...

    by mad bull 2010-Oct-25 

  2. Seems like something I should watch.

    by Aurie 2010-Oct-31