Inception Review

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written by owen on 2010-Aug-14.

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Long movie is long and full of explanation but it was good because that was its only downside. Rating 9 out of 10: Must watch. Not necessarily in the theater. No mature content. Lots of talking. May mess with your mind. You may want to watch it twice.

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  1. yeah
    I sent my boss to see it and she's come up with 2 alternate theories to what I've already come up with
    definitely keeps people talking at the water cooler
    good job all around

    by Gods Child 2010-Aug-16 

  2. its obviously only one theory, just look at the kids

    by owen 2010-Aug-16 

  3. eh? What about them? I wondered if they had on the same clothes as always but someone said their clothes were different
    was it the grandpa controlling the whole dream?
    Why was the main character the only one who ever used a totem?

    by Gods Child 2010-Aug-17