Mr Brooks Review

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written by owen on 2007-Nov-01.

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You'll notice that I don't post reviews of all the movies I watch because I watch too many movies. Everynow and then I slack off and make a mistake. All that I can say about this movie is that its perfect. If your going to be on the other side of the planet for a day you might as well you watch a movie about a serial killer with a invisible friend. A psychological thriller. Most serial killers have one or many but the one that Mr. Brooks has is different. The movie is good, better than good, perfect. Murder, lies, suspense, mistery, a little nudity and sex at the beginning, brutality, blood but not so much that your grand mother will want to turn off the tele, confusing for people who can't handle multiple plot lines, slow sometimes, all star cast, suspense, action - my rating: 10 out of 10.

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  1. Really? I going to rent it and see if you know what you talking about. [confident]

    by mad bull 2007-Nov-01 

  2. It a psychological thriller, best I've seen in a good while

    by owen 2007-Nov-01 

  3. will you give us a clue as to what the movie is about? No?

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-02 

  4. He kills people and has family problems. I didn't want to give away too much info on it incase people wanted to watch it. Its not your type a movie though. He does bad things.

    by owen 2007-Nov-02 

  5. who told you what kind of movie I like?

    I mean can I mention to you:
    A Shock to the System (Michael Caine)
    La Femme Nikita

    by gods child 2007-Nov-05 

  6. Seem like a lifetime kinda girl. I don't know that other movie but La Femme Nikita? is that the subtitled french version? where she robs a store with her broter and kills a policeman? IF you haven't watched Nikita I suggest you get it and watch it ASAP and write a comparison of the 2.

    by owen 2007-Nov-05 

  7. A Shock to the System is a movie about a washed-up corporate type of guy who is about to retire. But he doesn't want to be pushed out so he starts murdering people. It's bizarre because he's not doing it out of malice. You can see he's just, what's the word, a-moral. Beautiful performance by Caine.
    And yes, La Femme Nikita--the Nikita. I love it.
    And no. no lifetime. *shudders*

    by Gods Child 2007-Nov-07 

  8. kudos to you GC

    by owen 2007-Nov-07 

  9. Ok, thats two more movies for me to watch. Owen, I watched "Mr. Brooks". Very interesting show. Pretty damned good, actually. The only thing I found sort've weak was when Mr. Brooks' "fan" moved house to where the cop's "fan" was hiding out, if you get me.... don't want to give too much away either. That to me was so improbable that it sort've pissed me off.
    Other than that, I loved it!

    by mad bull 2007-Nov-09 

  10. I didn't even remember about that and the suicide thing was pretty lame but I guess the writer just wanted to tie the story up and get rid of that part of the plot. [indifferent]

    by owen 2007-Nov-09