The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

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written by owen on 2008-Mar-31.

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Is one of those movies from the Viking/Armor/Sword/BattleAxe era. Its one of my favourite old movies from 1999. Simply, funny, sad and so far away that only my imagination or a time machine can reach it. It maybe a turn story - it may not, I didn't look it up. Its about a little girl who sees her mother/sister killed and becomes deeply religious/crazy kinda like in Stigmata. Stars Milla Jovovich, near perfect movie probably her best work.

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  1. Never watched this movie. I like those movies with hardcore sword and spear fights!

    Hey I git more Carnival pics!

    by Stunner 2008-Apr-02 

  2. watch it, its good. At least 2 heads get chopped clean off.

    by owen 2008-Apr-03