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How come there is not a feminine form of "womanizer"? - Questions



  1. LOL! I totally agree! How is Manizer?

    by Stunner 2008-Jul-09 

  2. That's the first word to pop in everybody's head stunner:P

    by Gordon Swaby 2008-Jul-10 

  3. how about maneater?

    by Gods Child 2008-Jul-10 

  4. By definition, a maneater could also be a hungry bear in the forest, or a lion in the jungle (or a homosexual). LOL.

    by I Heart Daft Punk 2008-Jul-10 

  5. Ho?

    That's all I wanted to say, until word press had me add more words.

    by Cranky Putz 2008-Jul-10 

  6. Y'know, CP...that is really what they call a woman who has casual relationships with multiple men. How come men get some civilized name and women have to content themselves with "ho"?
    *sucks teeth*

    by I Heart Daft Punk 2008-Jul-10 

  7. How about slut, matey, mattress, easy gyal, leggo beast, freak? There are more out there too, but I'd have to think on it.

    by mad bull 2008-Jul-11 

  8. *dies*

    by I Heart Daft Punk 2008-Jul-14 

  9. I always thought of you as somewhat of a jezebel [indifferent]

    by owen 2008-Jul-11 

  10. LOL...Only on the weekends.

    by I Heart Daft Punk 2008-Jul-14 

  11. Daft Punk, exactly why they should be called it in return, I for my part am using the word as much as I can in refernce to nefarious men.

    by Cranky Putz 2008-Jul-11 

  12. here it is LIBERATED WOMAN!!!!

    by bobby 2008-Jul-29 



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