1. You should have seen it yesterday. [indifferent]

    People around here are all shy and secretive - so its kinda like a secret society of spies, tv stars and bond villans who keep changing their names over and over to protect their silly meaningless fatty filled boring lives of crime and heart break, party and bullshit.

    So for links we have a news section.

    by owen 2008-Jul-04 

  2. Welcome Keith!

    Owen, is di first time mi ever see you write a whole paragraph wid ongle one spelling error. Yuh a gwaan good, mi friend. LOL.

    by I Heart Daft Punk 2008-Jul-07 

  3. Why in heavens name must you torment me? Have you no values?

    by owen 2008-Jul-07 

  4. During 1987 when I was in a better paid job I was able to afford a three-week holiday in Trinidad where I stayed in San Fernando with a pal. My pal took me all around the island and my favourite beaches were Maracas Bay and Manzinella. Whilst standing waist deep in the water at Manzinella I could see my feet on the sea floor so that indicates how clear the water was; and looking back towards the shore line and seeing the palm trees was like something out of and adventure book, e.g. "Treasure Island".

    I recall the 1950s/1960s song "Last train to San Fernando", but on this holiday I saw it in San Fernando High Street so that was good.

    My favourite bars were "Stella Toolsies" in San Fernando; and "Pete's" which was run a couple of Chinese blokes in Woodlands - I wonder the bars are still there. I still think that Triniday rum is the best in the world.

    During my holiday I also spent a few days' in Tobago. I enjoyed visiting the wildlife sanctuary at Little Tobago and relaxing in Man-of-War Bay at Charlottesville (?) - have I remembered the resort properly? Well, the beach was impressive. My pal and I ate at Emma's Pantry which offered commanding views overlooking Speyside.

    And I really enjoyed seeing the tropical reef from a flat glass bottom boat sailing out of Bucco Reef; and seeing all the beautifully coloured birds like Blue Herons and Scarlet Ibisis.

    I really enjoyed Trinidad and Tobago, but now I am retired I can not afford a return trip. However I shall remember the holiday with fondness.

    by Chris 2009-Aug-13 

  5. When I visited Trinidad for a holiday in the summer of 1987 I visited Manzinell beach on the east coast. The beach must have been 10/20 miles in length. My pal and I drove south from Sangre Grande and parked our car halfway along the coast. We then walked through the palm trees hoping that a coconut would not fall onto our head and knowck us unconcious. We changed into our swimming costumes and dove into the breaking waves. For me, a towny from London found it amazing that standing waist deep in water and still see through clear water my feet on the sea floor. I carefully carried my cameras above my head into to sea, turned around to take photographs of the shoreline together with the palms trees whilst the waves were trying to knock me forward into the water. The scene reminded me of something out of a boys own adventure story. My pal and I were the only two people on this stretch of the beach. We saw one guy fishing about 5/10 miles to the north; and another three people about 5/10 miles to the south at Mayaro so everything was tranquil.

    I am usually a beach person but Manzinella I loved and could have stayed there for two days. I have been fortunate enough to afford to travel western Europe, the UK and Florida, but, for me, I think that Manzinella is the best beach in the world. After that comes Maracas Bay; Man-of-War Bay at Charlottesville, Tobago: the beach at St Malo, France; the beaches at Tenby, Wales. I hope that Manzinella does not get spoilt as it will be Trinidad's loss. [friendly]

    by Chris 2009-Aug-13 

  6. Today all governments care about is money and development. We have people who steal beachs here.

    by owen 2009-Aug-14