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Substitute for love

written by owen, 2004-Apr-19

No I didn't go to the Carnival thing on sunday. Definately would have been cool to get some pictures of that and post them up here on the website. Well maybe next time.
Clueless as to why my site not in top 5 jamaican website. Not that I claim to be more jamaican, than anybody else, nor does my writing skills get me tons of girlfriends. However, this is a website, I updated a couple times in the past two years, it's html. I don't have the national flag up anywhere though maybe that would elevate my jamaica website status. I have a chatroom and some photos, with comments!.
No problem though maybe next year.
I think this is the completed design, I do not see any reason to change it anymore, everything irie. I have in the past changed it many time during the night for reasons I don't know maybe it all the drinking or lack of sleep.
also forgot to mention ben's photo project

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shade commented: mano, this is the best jamaican website i have ever seen or read. admitedly i have never read any other jamaincan website, but that really isn't the point. some of the best humour on the web! ... read 1 more

Chat project added

written by owen, 2004-Mar-11

On sunday after the trip, I another item to the projects menu on the right. It's alittle html chatroom. Similar to the one on wheelsjamaica except this one doesn't use a database. if you go there now there might not be anybody there to chat with, so you'll have to bring you own party. Test it out and tell me what you think. Freshes every 5 secs.

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shade commented: chat room is cool. works good and all as far as i can see :) now all we need to do is get some people in there... like, simultaneously ... read 34 more

give me a reason to love you

written by owen, 2004-Feb-16

Valenines day is over people time to get back in a logical frame of thinking. Stop killing flowers!
A most can see I've re-added the colors. I have uploaded the new code as yet because I simply don't know whats going to happen once I added the new features. Anyway I'm planning to just through them up and hope that a horde of ignorant web surfers treat it nicely.
the photo section will include (but not limited to):

  • the shadow project : here people will (and must) upload pictures of their favourite shadows. This whole concept came about since most people don't like to have there picture taken (and posted on the web) so I though the next best thing would be thier shadow.
  • the people project: this would be pretty much the same as waferb's group project but more centered on self-loving web people and celebrities.
  • a picture is worth 2 dollars: in this gallery there will be semi weekly photos from jamaica (since I almost always in that country).

Virtually anybody will be able to add stuff, I'll probably make it member only if it gets too crazy.
Any suggestions slash comments are well come (just click the link labeled "comment" )

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life in black and white

written by owen, 2004-Feb-3

I've been messing around with the website again. Moving around some of my CSS tags adding the new sections which have been long overdue. And yes, I realise that there are no colors. As soon as I pay my hosting fees I'll be good to go.
I plan to allow people to add photos to various sections of the site. I'll be adding some as well which I'll be talking with my brand new digital camera (serious bids only). I bought a 64 mb SD card as well. It would have been a 256 mb card but I ran out of money - twice.
Hopefully if I ever go outside in the day light I'll be able (God's willing) to take a picture.

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flash project added

written by owen, 2003-Oct-1

related picture
I've had some swf files on my machine since 2000 (for those who don't know what swf files are don't worry about it ). Anyhow they were technically gathering dust so I uploaded them so that people can laugh at me. Plus it can be considered as content which you might have noticed that I have a lack there of. Most of the animations are unfinished and are best suited for people with high-speed connections or patience.
Though I no longer use the application, others might find my previous stuff interesting.
View The Flash Scrapbook ( 1999-2001 ).

thumb picture

from eP emptyPictures is photoblog website with photography. Bright cools are cool.

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