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Off to church

written by owen, 2004-Oct-31

People of all ages often travel great distances to get to their favourite church.

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Stu commented: Man, Jamaican busses have come a long way since I used to live there. ... read more

Bus Stop

written by owen, 2004-Sep-9

The "bus stop"s in Jamaica are quite simple with very little wind and splash protection but they work and that's mostly what matters most. Bus Stop aka where people stand so that public transport can see them and pick them up - just in case it's called something different in you country.

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late night 2

written by owen, 2004-Sep-9

when it's very late at night and you have to use public transportation you worry less about crime but more about how far you have to go. Especially if you going back to the start or if it's raining.

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Mass Transit

written by owen, 2004-Sep-9

Sometimes even when it's raining you just have to get home by any means necessary. Don't leave home.

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bus 2

written by owen, 2004-Jul-29

Kingston, Jamaica. Now this is at about 9 o'clock at night. I changed some camera settings so now the windows look like there on fire but it's not so - really.

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Yamfoot commented: I haven't been on a bus in donkeys years, about 20 years maybe. It looks quite new inside. ... read more

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