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no waiting

written by owen, 2005-Feb-5

get set down. By the nelson mandella park in halfwaytree kingston jamaica.

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A sleep

written by owen, 2005-Jan-15

Sometimes you just need a break from the day to day stress.

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written by owen, 2005-Jan-15

An old woman get off the bus. On the right a new section of Highway 2000 is being built.

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no stopping

written by owen, 2005-Jan-6

For absolutely no reason should you ever stop here for any reason what-so-ever. Stoppers will be shot on site or if velocity < 5 kmph

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Ayo commented: DWL you are hillarious! NICE captioning! ... read 1 more

Half-way-tree 1

written by owen, 2004-Nov-14

York pharmacy on the left, Tastees on the right, Half-way-tree Kingston, Jamaica

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