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Blame It On The Drink

written by owen, 2004-Jun-20

Every now and then I get inspired to let lose and spit a few rhymes; Soon I'll have a full album and sell platinum. Music is where the money is;

I just saw the car on the website and I said to myself "WOW". Then pictured me rolling down the street on three 20 inch rims, riding on the side, laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind. Cause I got so much money. I'm so fly, so high and troublesome I decided to roll out in my gator boots at mid-day (cause I ain't got no job).
Head down to atl for some southern hospitality, women see me, ask we what's we fantasy, Nice & Lovely. All the women chasing cash. Why do good girl like bad guys? Cause they don't know who we be. Under me guiness it a different ting. I hate it when there are too many women and not enough hos, too many rookies and not enough pros. Anyting go down - it wasn't me, all the ladies round the bend gimme de light. aIright, take five. multiply. cause we on another level, giving you originality. Haters and Fools caan get no gal. Look in to my eyes tell me what you see. say what you wanna say it's the way I am, whatever you say I am, if I wasn't then why would I say I am. We jamming.

Bacardi on the rocks please. I'm not going to teach you people how to write computer programs - I'm sorry - leave me alone.

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When Worlds Collide

written by owen, 2004-Jun-14

It's been a weird couple a months for the people on earth. Besides the whole Iraq "War on Terrorism" issue. Probably I'm the only one who has noticed but alot of weird once in a lifetime crap has been happening recently. 5 planets line up, Mars reaches the closest it's ever been in like 30 yrs, Venus floats in front of sun which has last happened 100 years ago.
What's up? What's next. Is this like the bestest astrological period ever? Should I get a telescope? Is the sun going to go super-gaint bad ass and blow the solar system to shit? Or have I been reading too many CNN Space Science Update newsletters? The day after tommorow.
I'm a crazy information nut. I know when I've had enough and when I'm simply just getting weird and if I hear another person refer to me as being weird I'm going to do explode. I don't even read the horoscopes covering my ears as it ever-so-often happened to come on the radio in my presence. No, I don't want to know if today is going to be a good day or the sun going to go super-gaint bad ass and blow the solar system to shit. Now stocks that's something I'd want to know about but apparently nobody I know has any foreign stocks. If I missed any astro-events feel free to add a comment.
update: members can now change the website appearance by editing the CSS style sheet ala waferbaby.

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Doubletalk Gets Through to You

written by owen, 2004-May-29

I missed another LAN party (gathering to play computer games) yesterday. I got where I was going too late so I didn't get to leave early. My laziness took over, I'm sorry for being such a bitch.
Anyhow I think I might watch the day after tommorow today which is saturday so in that I can review it and add something to the articles section before monday which will be the day after tommorow depending on when your reading this. I don't expect it to be a really good movie I just like the rain.

I like to hear the rain beating down on a red zinc roof like an orchestra of drums until it becomes one sound. Not continuous but at a light rhythm as if it were the wind above my head and all around.

I've added the user list as faith suggested so that you can see the people who actually registered to the site. Not that you actually need to register but the option is there. Also I tried to make it less of a waferclone as humanly possible. Peace out until next week.

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Life for Rent

written by Owen, 2004-May-24

Crazy week as usual. I wore a white polo shirt (not really "polo" people just call them that) on Friday because there where taking mugshots at the local prison and they made sure that you didn't wear any dark colors for the esteemed event. I am mad causal well at lease I try to be, stopped wearing jeans altogether - I don't know why really. So for the mugshot thing I broke out of my usual kahki pants plus black/blue/red shirts. Shirts which are "Think Blue", a brand which you can't even find on google but I don't care - I have no style.
So happens that all my shirts are t-shirts and have no words/graphix/branding on them, it turns out that I look like I'm in school uniform. Don't watch me watch yu self. I like to uncomplicate things by reducing my choices that's why they invented marriage - how I came to that analogy is another story. Lacking a sense of style (an nobody to annoy me about it) I can wear the same set of clothes for months on end without becoming overly selfconsious or paranoid. I treasure these years of my life dearly. I'm habitually redundant. Those wrinkle resistant water proof khakis from Gap look neat. Functionality over design, simplicity over art.

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Why does it always rain on me

written by Owen, 2004-May-19

Since Last week I have gotten a total of 5 e-mails and some 400 plus other bulk spam pimiping "enhancer" products or a way to make free money. Obviously they know that I need to make money. Where is everybody? Have I been simultaneously deleted from everybody's address book? Has email suddenly become UNCOOL?
So I have sent out a this message to everybody on my mailing list. All twenty plus, women and children alike whom likely have fallen mysteriously off-line or have de-evolved into the stone age of pen on paper. Some people out there have managed to get themselves some real responsibility but I am not talking that. No - I'm talking about email - EMAIL. YOU KNOW LIKE A LETTER BUT WITHOUT STAMPS, ON THE COMPUTER? chain letters, shots of porn stars? stupid quizzes? useless factiods? Disturbing pictures found at the furthest depths of the internet? people? what appen? what a gwaan? como esta?
An you have to other set of people on msn and yahoo who simply never-ever-ever-eva log on. So I use msn now.
Clearly you people are busy or not?

ps: you might think that I sending this only to you but I'm not, really I'm not.

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