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posted by owen on 2016-Apr-23.

Somewhere at some place in time my favorite 90s alternative rock song is playing but I am not there to hear it. All that exists is the moment in which you stand. The now, and then.‎   There may be things in the future but only on my todo list.   Sing with me just for today.  Wallow in your emotions of now, in your little corner. If it makes you happy?

‎It is a foreign feeling to be in a foreign country with a foreign language.   A place that doan know my name.  Down any street you walk by people going about their business while I watch and wait. Party like it's 1999. Soon it will be time to go home and all I will have are suveniers of a foriegn feeling in a foreign place in time.

‎There are some experiences that you can only have once. Experiences that live with you forever and float out into space like beams of light. It is too bad that there is no way to transfer these experiences to other people. Maybe other people would not want to be troubled with your stale experiences. So why do anything at all?‎

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  1. Experiences...humans do not experience things, situations, places similarly. One will be looking in awe at a picturesque landscape and trying to absorb it in an effort to add it to their catalog of memories while another occupying a similar space will be wondering how fast they could get in front of a television and 'watch' nature from the comfort of their living room.
             Keep on living and sharing my friend.

    by Sheffi 2016-May-16 

  2. that is true, but one does often have a need to share and often pictures are not enough to really convey the wonder of the world.

    by owen 2016-May-16