1. the really hottt outfit that you put together for a party last year and all your friends remember it so you can't wear it again

    well now's your big chance

    by Gods Child 2008-Feb-26 

  2. I gues anything yuh wear to a dance already! [misc]

    by Stunner 2008-Mar-03 

  3. lololol
    i agree with GC i guess hehe

    by irie diva 2008-Mar-03 

  4. Your own clothes i guess. Cuz if you did borrow it, u cant necessarily go back for it. Wear weh u wear already

    by Tami 2008-Mar-04 

  5. Guys, that question was rhetorical... but hey, this is JA. so everyting irie...

    by Vaughn (the photographer) 2009-Feb-19