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written by owen on 2008-Jan-13.

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Menu 1:

  • 1: patty with lettece and tomato, fries and cup soda $220 JMD
  • 2: 2 cheese patties, and cup soda $210 JMD
  • 3: 2 regular beef patties, fries and a cup soda $230 JMD
  • 4: 2 regular beef patties and a cup soda $170 JMD
  • 5: 2 vege-patties, and cup soda $200 JMD

Menu 2:
  • 1: 2 piece chicken, fries and a cup soda $320 JMD
  • 2: 3 piece chicken, fries and a cup soda $425 JMD
  • 3: 1/4 jerk chicken, 2 festivals and a cup soda $320 JMD (not sure hard to read)
  • 4: Big Chicken Sandwich, fries and a cup soda (not sure)

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  1. Bwoy,these prices are outrageous !!

    by Esteban Agosto Reid 2008-Jan-14 

  2. patties were cheap at one point

    by owen 2008-Jan-15 

  3. I need my glasses!

    by Stunner 2008-Jan-14 

  4. its not your eyes, its a fuzzy pic

    by owen 2008-Jan-15 

  5. What's lettece?


    by SE 2008-Jan-14 

  6. I think it may be correctly cabbage

    by owen 2008-Jan-15 

  7. actually, those prices are accurate market value compared to the US

    USD 5.95 for three pieces of chicken, fries, and a soda is the going rate or cheaper in NYC. And Jamaican chicken is real chicken any way.

    by Gods Child 2008-Jan-15 

  8. as opposed to american cow chickens

    by owen 2008-Jan-16 

  9. four wings and six legs buddy

    by Gods Child 2008-Jan-17 

  10. Yes, the prices may be comparable with the United States.But the big difference is the question of income in Jamaica vis-a-vis the U.S.Since Jamaican income on average is comparably and considerably lower,it results in the prices for the respective meals being much more expensive.RESPECT!!

    by Esteban Agosto Reid 2008-Jan-17 

  11. Esteban I suppose the fact that they are not using real chickens helps them reduce prices and produce more

    by owen 2008-Jan-17 

  12. actually, after scouring the internet for any information at all about wages in Jamaica, I find that ones that are actually published are frighteningly low. How the entire nation hasn't starved to death yet is the burning question that now lingers in my mind.
    I want to know, what is a reasonable salary for a non-managerial office position for someone with 3 or more years of experience, a 4-year degree, and good computer skills?

    by Gods Child 2008-Jan-18 

  13. someone once told me that its best not to tell them how much you want - let them make you an offer. If they try to pressure you for a figure say: "I'm sure you guys have a budget but I'll take 5 million if you can afford it. MAKE ME A DAM OFFER!". anything you do don't tell the a figure. I searched but fell asleep try 1 of these sites

    by owen 2008-Jan-18 

  14. the last thing I saw was that nurses are making approximately $20,000 US annually. At those wages, a person would be able to receive public assistance here in the states in the form of food stamps as well as housing subsidies and heaven knows what else.

    by Gods Child 2008-Jan-22 

  15. It seems all over the Caribbean we have to deal with these inflated prices...[upset]

    by Jamila 2008-Jan-16 

  16. Yes Owen,you are correct!!

    by Esteban Agosto Reid 2008-Jan-18 

  17. Beside the main comments there is this link called "reply", its kinda odd but it should work. hmmm....well if you don't see the reply link - it means its not going to work.

    by owen 2008-Jan-18 

  18. Gods Chilld, a good place to start with respect to information on Jamaican wages is the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN),and the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).Google any of these institutes and you should be able to get some information on wages and salaries relative to certain professions,careers, and jobs in Jamaica.Also,just google wages in Jamaica,which will result in several newspaper articles addressing minimum wages.Hopefully, you will find the information you are trying to ascertain.RESPECT!!

    by Esteban Agosto Reid 2008-Jan-18 

  19. you know dem site dey update once every 5 years. but she can try, she might get lucky

    by owen 2008-Jan-18 

  20. really, I googled until I was mad, then I came here.
    Nobody wants to say what anybody is paid and I suspect people are lowballing the few available figures though I can't think why.
    I always considered discussing wages a tabu. It is that way with a lot of the people I meet in NYC and that's how I was raised. However, it seems even stronger a tabu in Jamaica. It's like--there can't even be a salary range given. There is absolutely NO transparency whatsoever. No idea as to what is fair. Nothing.
    Here, job boards will say TBA under the salary category but a few will go ahead and say the starting salary is 25K or something. In fact, if you look on craigslist under Executive assistants, you'll find the salary is often the selling point!

    by Gods Child 2008-Jan-22 

  21. its a mental slavery tactic that "the man" uses to keep people ignorant but on the other hand humans are naturally jealous and easily depressed.

    by owen 2008-Jan-22