1. by Stunner 2008-Feb-16 

  2. I gave a bag of Cadbury Tasters. I got a smile and a laugh. Oh yeah, and some of the Cadbury Tasters too.

    by mad bull 2008-Feb-17 

  3. I got a heart-shaped box of chocolates
    1 dozen roses w/baby's breath delivered to my job
    I also was taken to an Amel Larrieux concert
    I gave him a card and said thank you A LOT
    what a generous guy . . .

    by Gods Child 2008-Feb-17 

  4. GC wins the question

    by owen 2008-Feb-17 

  5. I got a nice powerpoint presentation and I will leave it at that. It was the best Valentine's gift I have ever gotten.

    by Aurie 2008-Feb-18 

  6. I got a Victoria Secret Fragrance set at 12 O'Clock midnight,isnt that sweet.......

    by Michy 2008-Feb-19 

  7. i got cheesescake and im still trying to figure out exactly what it tastes like, it looked like heaven tho :)

    went out to dinner after work too

    by Irie Diva 2008-Feb-20 

  8. Seems like its only females that are into Valentines Day. Men are pissed cuz they have to spend. Dam misers!

    by Tami 2008-Feb-20 

  9. The responses so far have shown that women are mostly takers, not givers. Damn misers!

    by twovthree 2008-Feb-20 

  10. Idren Owen,

    My husband and I have been celebrating Valentine's Day together for the past 28 years.

    This year he gave me two beautiful cards to which he added his own meaningful words. A single red rose, clipped from the rose bushes he maintains in our yard, was fragrant. The large box of premium chocolate delicacies is a temptation my waistline and I could have done without.

    But he knows the things that make me happy and we shared another day of love together.

    Bless Up,
    Lady Roots

    by Lady Roots 2008-Feb-21 

  11. Not a damn thing.

    by Leon 2008-Feb-21 

  12. nothing for me either....seems like i am one girl who isnt a taker :P....(smile)

    by Jamila 2008-Feb-22 

  13. hey i gave too!!! u asked what i got! no fair! lol

    by irie diva 2008-Feb-23