1. not always. It would be good if it were always the case but no. Not really.

    by Gods Child 2007-Oct-09 

  2. there are i give that i would never want, and then there are things that i give that i need to get back but all and all you give to get ....this is such a twisted messed up question.. i'll get back to this later

    by bobby 2007-Oct-10 

  3. mission accomplished

    by owen 2007-Oct-10 

  4. bobby made my head hurt just now. To answer the question simply, I would say this: The true essence of giving something is to not expect something in return. There is a difference between a "gift" & a "loan." Any kind of giving that requires something in return is truly in line with what giving means to me.

    by Aurie 2007-Oct-10