intramural sports and recycle bins?

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written by GC on 2007-Sep-21.

Some people have very clear distinctions about what it means to be single, dating, broken up, taken, committed etc.

Here's the issue:

When two people decide they have broken up (whether or not all the issues have been worked out, extra toothbrushes thrown away etc.) and they may or may not be dating someone new--is it wrong for the two exes to get up close and personal even if nothing is going on with anyone else (yes I mean what you think I mean)?

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  1. old broom knows the corners ....and if the corners need sweeping, i guess ...might as well.

    by bobby 2007-Sep-24 

  2. funny, I've always heard that saying and never quite applied it to anything outside keeping the floor clean. [friendly]

    by Gods Child 2007-Sep-24 

  3. Sure why not? might as well

    by Shonari 2007-Sep-24 

  4. Nothing nuh really wrong wid it, but there is potential for someone to get pretty hurt! Still, the Good Lord knows that nuff nuff people get into these sort've situations, myself included, and that is why this song was so damned popular! : [confident]

    by Mad Bull 2007-Sep-25 

  5. but his girl was in the next room. Hmmm...

    by Gods Child 2007-Sep-26