1. A Pentax Optio... a widescreen TV... a 2000 sq. ft. house in Savannah...

    by Mad Bull 2006-Dec-07 

  2. I think I have a solution for you for have the price;
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    by owen 2006-Dec-07 

  3. Don't really care. Lost my Christmas spirit ages ago.

    by Leon 2006-Dec-07 

  4. Mi cyar!

    by doctord 2006-Dec-08 

  5. Anything from Incubus and just to have someone i truely care about there with me. Gifts suck when you dont get what you expect!

    by Tami 2006-Dec-08 

  6. To go home and eat my mom's christmas cake, sorrel and ham. To hear UWI singers sing 'O Little Town of Bethlehem'. and some QT with BJ.. ;)
    'Have yourselves a merry lil Christmas.. let your heart be bright'

    by Island Spice 2006-Dec-08 

  7. listed in order of likelihood

    --a part time job so I can balance my finance
    --ipod nano!
    --a wealthy boyfriend
    --an apartment of my own that is not in my mother's house

    by Gods Child 2006-Dec-08 

  8. A silver 2006 Euro R Honda Accord and dat big breasted girl in the white top on your banner!

    by Stunner 2006-Dec-08 

  9. hmmm...I guess you weren't lying about the thick women.

    by owen 2006-Dec-09 

  10. @ Stunner - U need help for the christmas and some holy water.

    by Tami 2006-Dec-13