The Voting Bathroom Analogy

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written by owen on 2006-Nov-09.

Voting is like washing your hands in the bathroom, there is no "instant" benefit to it and the "I told you so" that you get is often not a direct fault of not washing you hands but is a fault of going to the bathroom. It would help if you could avoid the bathroom all-together but most people are born into the bathroom. Being born into a bathroom offers you advantages which you get because people wash their hands. Some people just like to wash their hands because it makes them feel good, others wash because they get a bad taste in their mouth when they lick their fingers and some don't wash at all and choose to live like rebels.

The existence of the bathroom is never really-actually-clearly-significantly defined to those that do not benefit from it. Worst yet only the people that benefit from the regular use of the bathroom and posses the knowledge of it can efficiently use the bathroom for social gain. So encouraging others to wash their hands is therefore crucial to these people. The more people that wash allow the bathroom operates to be in a better position to create social gain from the bathroom. Because the people who understand the bathroom the most are often the people who built it, they are ever present.

The importance of the bathroom is not understated but is known to almost half the population. The inner workings of the bathroom are important but the importance cannot be conveyed to the people who willingly or ignorantly do not was their hands. Lets say that everybody starts to wash their hands; in such a case it would be apparent that the ill effects of not washing you hands would totally disappear. If it is not possible for everybody to wash their hands and in fact doesn't matter if everybody washes their hands then the purpose of washing your hands becomes irrelevant. The proper use of the bathroom seems to be more important. Therefore, if the bathroom in used correctly then why wash your hands?

The answer to the question is multifaceted. Apparently either nobody trusts the bathroom or the bathroom is setup in such away that you have to make a choice. The choices are always limited. Limiting the choices seems to be a trend that existed since the beginning of the bathroom itself. Polar choices are setup, choices are often re-shuffled upon each entrance to the bathroom, the choices are or may appear to be different but you still wash your hands the same way. The choices are often make to seem obvious but have little to do with the actual outcome in the worst cases.

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  1. see if you said it was a car wash then I would totally get it because who needs the car wash aside from the car washers themselves?

    by Gods Child 2006-Nov-09 

  2. I don't think the starving children in africa have car washs.

    by owen 2006-Nov-09 

  3. Dah one yah wicked! It wicked, ah tell you!

    by mad bull 2006-Nov-09 

  4. So wicked, i lost him after saying bathrooms are not needed and that its like voting...FYI owen its not.

    by Tami 2006-Nov-09 

  5. I'd never thought about bathrooms in such depth. good stuff.

    by tristan 2006-Nov-14 

  6. bathrooms hold the meaning of life

    by owen 2006-Nov-15