Online Infidelity or Cyber affair

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written by Daimion on 2004-Dec-07.

We have all experienced the joys of online communication, where we communicate with friends, family and meet new people from near and far without leaving the comfort of our homes or offices. There is a growing trend for people in relationships to create intimate relations through cyberspace, this includes; cyber sex, e-mail and cheating via on-line chats, this is called Online Infidelity/Cyber affair. A survey done by MSNBC and Elle Magazine of people using the internet found that 10 percent of women and 19 percent of men, when online say they are single although they are not. Another study conducted by Psychologist Dr. Beatriz Mileham showed that approximately 30 percent of cyber affairs end up in a real-world affair. These online relationships start as innocently as, “How are you?” and can escalate from there to "are you spending the night?”.
The number of victims of Cyber Affair is on the rise, that is why I must share with you three Tell-Tale Signs that may be present if your partner (spouse) is having a Cyber affair, they are; (1) a change in your partner’s sleep patterns (2) a demand for privacy when using the PC and (3) ignored household chores. I will now explore these signs in detail.

  • (1) Change in your partner’s sleep patterns - Chat rooms and meeting places for cyber sex don't heat up until late at night, so the cheating partner will tend to stay up late to be a part of the action. Often, the partner suddenly begins coming to bed in the early-morning hours, and may leap out of bed an hour or two earlier in the mornings and bolt to the computer for a pre-work quickie.        
  • (2) A demand for privacy when using the PC- With cyber affair cheaters usually search for greater privacy and secrecy surrounding their computer usage. The computer may be moved from a visible place to a secluded corner, password may be changed, and all online activities conducted in secrecy. If interrupted when online, the cheating partner may react with anger, defensiveness or quickly close the pages.                
  • (3) Ignored household chores - When on-line time increases, household chores often go undone. That's not automatically a sign of a cyber affair, but in a relationship those dirty dishes, piles of laundry, and un-mowed lawns might indicate that someone else is competing for your partner’s attention. When your partner begins to invest more time and energy on-line and fails to keep up their end of the household bargain, it could signal that an on-line relationship is going on.

In closing, Cyber affairs are becoming very prominent so ladies and gentlemen if you see a change in you partner’s sleeping habits, a demand for privacy while using the PC and household chores been ignored, chances are “you a get bun online”. My friends open your eyes to these signs, and don’t be like Paul a friend of mine who saw the signs and choose to ignore them, he is now single not by choice but because of a cyber affair, don’t let this happen to you.

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  1. this is somethin that has happend to me so i think it is good to let people "in on" what is taking place online. this is a good article

    by robert 2005-Jan-02 

  2. hey this happend 2 me once. it was a surprise 2 me dat so much of it is goin on.

    by killamike 2005-Sep-07 

  3. hey this is sum funny shit. but its true

    by jason 2006-Jan-13 

  4. i have chatted to the same married guy for 6 years daily. we have explored a little sexually. but we are still not together if we was going to be im sure it would of happened before this. cyber affair dont always mean real life affairs.

    by carla 2006-May-11 

  5. Is it really cheating when it never goes any further? Is it not just harmless fun?

    by Gracie 2006-May-12