1. I think its just you, 'question-asker' person...

    by OddOne 2006-Sep-06 

  2. There's no such thing as crazy...only perceived insanity.

    by twovthree 2006-Sep-06 

  3. @Oddone
    well, that's possible. There's really no way to know, though. When I say, "I'm crazy" nobody believes.

    @ twovthree
    the opposite could also be true.

    by Gods Child 2006-Sep-07 

  4. In all fairness crazy is as crazy does. I doubt that anyone person is or can reach the point of absolutely craziness. they might be crazy for a while or crazy in some aspect but "all crazy" is simply a matter of your current view being clouded by the obvious craziness that your presently observing.

    So umh either its

    • temparary craziness
    • observed craziness
    • point of view craziness
    . Total craziness would involve being crazy in a aboslute form.

    by owen 2006-Sep-07 

  5. I am crazy at times and people are always crazy...some more than others.

    There is a thin line between sanity and being mad, it just takes the right (or the wrong) chemical imbalance or situation to tip someone over that line.

    Hey what yuh doing, using us for surveys? LOL

    by Stunner 2006-Sep-07 

  6. @ owen that answer was nebulous. hmmm...but I think it sounds like you're saying crazy people are crazy in different ways but they still have some measure of sanity, no matter how crazy they are.

    @ Stunner--no, it's not a survey. They say my cousin is crazy. We knew it all along but now he's worse. My neighbor is also crazy. But sometimes it just seems like she's really irate. She's on meds but they make her feel like crap so she doesn't take them. Don't you run into ppl sometimes who are just way out there, but nobody acknowledges it? at times like those I say to myself, could it be me who is crazy? Do you say that?

    by Gods Child 2006-Sep-08 

  7. I think every other person around you is crazy, not you!

    by RioT 2006-Sep-08 

  8. read hamlet (i had to).

    that pretty much puts u off the whole thing really. who cares if someones crazy... as long as theyre not killing people or falling in love with relatives.. [its all in hamlet]
    ...then theyre fine with me. btw, hamlet sucks.

    by me 2006-Oct-02 

  9. It's definitely me

    by DLBG 2007-May-02