1. did they have air bags back in 1989?

    by owen 2005-Nov-29 

  2. We Dutch always talk about "Duitse Degelijkheid". Which means that Ze Germans always make good stuff. The fact that you got out of that alive kinda proves that point. Isn't this your 2nd Beemer that got trashed? Maybe you should switch brand now.

    by Arie 2005-Nov-30 

  3. I hear the new mini is pretty solid.

    by owen 2005-Dec-01 

  4. owen: no airbags in 1989. an airbag wouldn't have gone off in a side collision and i wouldn't want a 16 year old airbag going off it it had them.

    arie: every bmw i've owned has been in an accident. my first was totalled by another driver. second (my convertible) someone pulled out in front of me and it was later fixed and i still have it. this is my third. i'm getting another bmw for sure or a volvo. i don't want anything thats unsafe. i seem to attract bad drivers and i want a good car that will save my life in the event of another accident. 3 in 3 years is a lot.

    by michael_halvorsen 2005-Dec-03 

  5. Strong car for 1989 year.:) 325xi It`s my favorite old car .

    by BlueChupaChups 2005-Dec-26