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written by owen on 2022-Jul-07.

Choose your struggle. What is life without struggle? A man without struggle is not alive. There is no life without struggle. Someone has to carry the load. Someone has to be at that place in time to experience what must be experienced or there is no existence. Someone has to hold the ladder or be there to pick you up if you fall. Balance and gravity rules us all.

It should be obvious that everything is gradually returning to a state of chaos. The walls need to be repainted, the plumbing needs to be resealed. If you are not doing it then someone else has to. Even if you don't see them. Someone has to be there.   It is only matter of time and careful maintenence. Everything is sand on the sea shoreline. We must go back to the sea.

Life and death are things that surrounds us especially now at our age. The reality is right in front of us but we put it off to somewhere else. Some other time. Some other place.? We surround ourselves with a blanket of daily chores and various forms of escapism.  But in the end we are all racing towards the same place, so faster than others. All that matters are who we help along the way and the things we give away for free.

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