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written by owen on 2022-Apr-16.

At some point in the past I said I would pick up on my writing but it has not proven to be easy.  Distractions abound and the 'p' on my keyboard is misfiring at random times.  So this paragraph is all dedicated to just writing something while sorting files on my harddrive and listening to youtube vlogs in the background. I just need to remember to save this after I am done.

It is often the case that "reality" and "what you think" are not the same thing.  The relationship between music and movies is not always obvious but music creates a whole different kind of memory and adds a lot to a scene.  It is all about sound and sight. Why do you think tiktok is so popular?  Almost everything in my life can be attached to a song or a soundtrack.  Once you know this you can pretty much change your life.  You just have to apply the correct music.  What happens when you get too much of these memories?  How do you keep track of it all?

I have too many hobbies as you can see some of them have to suffer so I can enhance the others.  Or in the worse case forget them all together.  There is always something else to do as the days grow shorter and shorter.  So fired up.

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