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written by owen on 2022-May-15.

Sometimes you just want to get your mind back to a certain place in time, a certain mode. At a point right before you figure something out. You will often try to recreate that moment but it is impossible. Because time has passed, the world has turned around and everything has changed. All the stones at the bottom of the river have shifted ever so slightly that the scene will never be the same. And this is something you have to embrace.

There are some habits that make us who we are. Some that keep us trapped on our paths. There are other habits that keep us safe. Habits whether subconsciously or intently found our understanding of everything around us. No one can exist without a habit or a comfort zone. It is just how we are. We are our environment. Who we meet, who we have met are all a part of our conscious routine. The more aware you are of this fact the more you understand. And the more you understand, the more you know.

It is not always about the thing you are doing now. But the important thing is the series of things you are doing. The order might not matter much. If I were to compare it to a netflix mini series then yes, the order might matter. But if you look down the road it might all be just a waste of time. Knowing when you are wasting your time is the key. People are already talking about summer and I am living in January wondering what to do with the new year.

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