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written by owen on 2004-Nov-21.

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I wanted to be the first to mention (bring the hype?) the upcoming christmas season but AngryD beat me to the punch. Many other companys have started putting up christmas decorations as early as November 5th. They apparently have no shame. I miss the days when I was shorter than the christmas tree and people bought me stuff.

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  1. owen, it is the whole commercialisation of Christmas that results in decorations being put up so early, and carols starting to play from October IMHO!

    Right now I not near ready to tek it on, but it approaching fast.

    And yes, in terms of presents, my theory is that the number you get is inversely proportional to ones age...mean seh me salt! It really was a lot sweeter when I was a child...but I still like the season very much.

    by doctord 2004-Nov-22