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written by owen on 2015-Dec-15.

I could have used a different title but I find that articles written in that formate are a waste of the reader's time. Half-truths and entertainment. They are usually written by "writers" with no experience with the subject matter, merely mimicking established memes like a gear rotating on an axis. R&B songs. Leaves floating on the surface. Over and over in a harmony. A Never changing drum beat. BS. Holding on for their cause. It is pointless to keep dragging these things around in a world where we have so much choice?

I got a new CD, new music. A CD is a piece of plastic that you put into your radio and it spins. I am really loving it. The songs play in a set order and are at really high quality. I could die tomorrow and I would have been glad to have lived to this point. I am trying hard to be humble as you can see. Maybe I am lazy, maybe I am not. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am not. I can only be one person at a time. What will I be tomorrow?

I sometimes spend my time doing things to keep my brain occupied because I cannot live on love alone. Its not all about making money. I have to keep searching and swimming around in my own world hoping to find the answer. I do not worry about what will be around the corner tomorrow or what someone may have left around there yesterday. All I know is that you only have one life to live and limited choices in living it, the best you can - in the time you can. No regrets. No crosses to bare. No crosses given.

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