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written by owen on 2015-Aug-29.

I am really trying to balance things out but it is hard sometimes to remember all the things for which I should be grateful but sometimes I can't feel my face. I just keep going, enjoying my time in the sun without letting anyone suck the energy out of me. Everyday is another day we get by. Only by grace. It is hard to live like everyday is Christmas because there is ALWAYS something to annoy you. The best you can do is realise that no matter how bad it gets, there is no better time than the present. Change it.

There is no comfort in the truth. Are we having fun yet? We should be. Sun is shining. Everything is good.

I saw a little car passing with surf boards on top. While waiting at the airport - I wondered where they were going. They must know a good place to surf. So then I went to take some pictures of the lighthouse and I got a call that I had to wait until 8:30. Low and behold I saw the surfers in the distance. The spot could not be that far away. I had all the motivation I needed. Off I go into the great unknown. Wow, I am way behind on my writing.

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