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written by owen on 2015-Jul-01.

It has been a long time since I actually had the opportunity to visit New Kingston and let the time fly by. My first impulse was to take pictures and then I bought Island grill fries, sat and watched the people walk by. The people were mostly the same. Too early for ladies of the night and the mad men were all a sleep as I walk by. It has all been done before The cycle of life repeats and I take a moment to sit and watch it all happen - again. I am eternally grateful for this moment in time and hot season fries.

Right now everything I have is luxury bestowed upon me partly by the gods up above, the karma police and my own incurable faults which way me down like a woman's oversized handbag.   There are a million places I could be right now and certainly another million places I have been before. But I am here now, watching people rush home, to a party, to the movies, a phone booth, to a place they have never been. I am here now and that is all that really matters.

I am now in a white room, full of people. I stood until I could find a seat, mocking the presenters.  I would try to patronize the bar but I have already spent all my disposable income on fries. I must save the rest for my future children - if they will have me. Be positive and stuff. In a short while all this will be a long time ago.

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  1. >> In a short while all this will be a long time ago.

    True ting. Lets make right now a memory then. Something to look back upon and smile. Even though it might be quite simple, take note of all that a gwaan and write it upon your journal of life.

    by Mad Bull 2015-Jul-02 

  2. whey you say hold a guiness? Check out his movie;

    by owen 2015-Jul-03