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written by owen on 2015-Sep-22.

At the core we all want to be happy in a world of limited resources. We all want to indulge, eat cheese all day everyday - be saved from our own damnation. We want to be perfect. We want to ride a never ending wave of entertainment. Are you not entertained? We want to feel special. We want to be apart of a group. We want to survive. But in all of this there is work to be done and things to build. Bricks in a wall.

I am not easily entertained. I am a seeker. I am searching for the ultimate high tower from which to look out into the distance and find the answer that will help me help everyone to be happy. I have not found it yet. I care not to retread old ground in the name of diligence. I am hiding in the tall grass, making a bed, waiting on that moment to save a life. Times like these I care not to be a super star.

There are few things I care about. I may have mentioned them before or you may have noticed. There are a few things I fear which I may have mentioned before. The latter is doubtful because one of the things I fear is that you might use the the things I fear against me to hasten my certain death. Or worst yet use them to annoy me while I am alive. Cause you aint got nutten better to do with your time that to be a shadow of your true self. A reflection on a wall. A solid object stopping the light from reaching its true destination.

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