How Big How Blue How Beautiful

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written by owen on 2015-Dec-04.

It could be, in truth and in fact that we are building a big ship just so we can crash it into the rocks. We could just be blindly moving forward, brick after brick (or wood or whatever you are building your ship out of) building this thing up so that we have the biggest crash possible. Maybe we just innocent by standers and idlers in a great stage play that is on a ship almost like the titanic that is destined to run a shore.

Nothing is a mystery anymore. I have learnt my lesson. I no longer sleep to dream. I am full of kisses. If it doesnt kill me then it will only make me stronger. The moon will keep dragging my tide until I or it escapes into space - free. Time is nothing but the "stop" and the "go". Count your blessings. Time provides the answers that we wondered about when we were young. Hello from the otherside.

I miss it a little bit. But at least now I, we have all the answers and you can work on fun little projects at a pace which is not limited by sacrifice or compromise. Like right now I am slowly working on a game that is 5 years in development. It is in my own world. We all enjoy the madness. We know that one day we will fade away so we pretend to be more than just regular people, doing regular stuff, taking the tourist paths. Never finishing what we start.

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