Heavy metal and reflective

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written by owen on 2015-Jun-09.

We all come to a point from which there is no return like when you step out onto a beach and your feet become wet with emotion. Sand is everywhere. Cry me a river or, let me swim in your tears. All we live for is comfort. We love comfort, we yearn for it, we try, spend our lives trying and starting over, and drama. What is life without drama? At some point it no longer becomes sustainable. Time passed cannot be regained. Move forward while our memories keep us warm at night.

The limit is the sky. I need to get back my primary mission of solving the problem of hunger in Africa. Or better yet saving a bus full of people so I can get a medal on hero's day. While you gone, netflix on your couch. I may have become too obsessed with saving myself, going back to the start, being cautious while crossing the street, a life of comfort. I need to get back to enjoying the moment, listening to the emptiness of time as it passes us by. Looking out for the opportunity to save a life.

Life is a shared experience. Take nothing for granted. We are on a journey to something. Some folks are born, made to wave the flag. I am not sure what. Shit happens. Hold me while I am here. Take the good times and the bad times, roll with the punches. We are all competing in a game of who can eat the most. Am I a bad person? Are you a bad person? Are we bound by our desires and our wants? Ball and chain to a brick wall. We both want it until one of us gets eaten or flung under the bus of life. I am a fortunate son waiting for an escape. Just another day that keeps me breathing.

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