My Favorite Soca Songs of 2015

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written by owen on 2015-May-23.

This year seemed to have a abnormal rush of excellent soca songs that kinda hit me like a run-away train. I'm gonna list them now;

Lyrikal - Cloud 9. This is probably the best written song of the bunch. Lyrikal stands up to his name with this song that practically rolls off the tongue. I dun high already, feel like I could fly already.

Farmer Nappy - My House. Farmer Nappy came in a close second with equally great lyrics and a nice video, vocals and a overall good vibe with that raw island accent that is hard to pick up when you only hang around Jamaicans all day. Its natural like a baby crying for the first time.

Benjai - Phenomenal. When I first saw this video I was like where in the world is this place? and how do I get there? Shot on location in St.Vincent and The Grenadines. He drops in a little EDM at the end of the track.

Shal Marshall - Motivation @shalmarshall
I don't need to say much about this video;

Machel Montano - Like Ah Boss. Is like Machel can do no wrong. Is fett I come out to fett.

Porgie & Murda - BenUp, Crash di bumpa pon mi and di bumpa gen ben Up. Aint got no license.

Bling - We Alright (Carriacou Soca 2015)

Honorable Mentions

Fadda Fox - Ducking ( @faddafox ) Techinically this was 2014 but I never hear dis until Jams posted it on fb and I was hooked right away.

Ricardo Drue - VagaBond

Destra - Lucy

Sekon Sta - The Best - Good song baaddd video :(


Too many songs to list but if you have the time I particularly liked the Kan Kan riddim. Enjoy until next year.

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