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written by owen on 2014-Oct-27.

No matter where you are or what you doing you are wasting time. Might as well you waste time doing something you love to do instead of spending it wishing you were somewhere else, in another time or another body or space. Time is too short to spend it complaining, pretending, waiting, hoping for the future while regretting the past. Chill out and have a good time with good friends. All the hard work you do today means nothing if you end up doing the same thing tomorrow just to past the time in the rat race.

I don't know many women that smoke. I see them at parties and random uptown bars like swallow tail butterflies. They intrigue me somewhat like moths to a flame. Kinky reggae. She is probably a man eater, make you work hard, spend hard, make you want all of her love. To know me is to love me. You have to have your vice, embrace it, love it. I doan want the world I want you.

I figure that if a nigga cannot get money anymore and is content with just passing the time until the next high. Then who am I to say no?   The poor aren't broke because they don't try hard, they are poor because they are paid shit wages.  One day you will leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember and keep those memories safe from regret. Stay high all the time, so that you forget.  The ball and chain. The iron balloon. The cross that one has to drag down the road. The train wreck waiting to happen.

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  1. I Like this one, so true.

    by Tami 2014-Oct-30