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written by owen on 2014-Dec-08.

There is a point when you leave the frozen lap of luxury and step out into the blazing sun. You feel the warmth on your face. There are two people in this world; me, you and the ones we call "other people".  There must be some way out. And even if you make it out for a while you will have to go back inside the frozen temple of slavery. You are free for a little while. Enjoy the sun, smell the flower in the garden, take a deep breath.

They stopped having having free refills of soda water. I am not sure how I feel about this. Ever since I saw the tank of CO2 that they store at the back of the building my attitude towards carbonated beverages have been less than fizzy. Life goes on. I did not put value to it in either case. One should put value into what a thing really is and not what they hope it will be in the future.

What have I learnt from writing these entries down?  I am not sure. Maybe I will have enough to fill up a book or make a movie or something. Maybe in some future time someone will leave facebook and venture out into the desert and dig up old dinosaurs of the internet era. Who is to tell?  What does it all mean? Does everything have to have a meaning? Must everything be understood?  Can anything be understood?  All I know is one day we will look back at all this and say something - hopefully something nice. 

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