April She will come

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written by owen on 2011-Feb-15.

I only recently realised why I never edited my posts. Maybe it was the Indian in me that prevented me from seeing the light, gal come and kiss and hug me. There is so much code, so little time. Sometimes I wish I could lock off my brain and follow you until you love me, papa-paparazzi. Your songs remind me of swimming.

I bought a Chinese for 750 dollars and it was the worst, most expensive Chinese I have ever had. To add insult to injury I was running out of ketchup as well. I cry at the thought of being alone. I'm just taking it easy, riding round town mo-chain, mo-stealo.

I need to figure sometime to get all the stuff that I need to do done or I'm simply going to be crusted under the weight of my own dreams. Caching checks that my body can't pass. I need to fine I cool. Growing old is really annoying. Maybe I need to sleep with my windows open, in case you change your mind. Don't loose your selfish ways over me.

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