Window Blues

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written by owen on 2011-Jan-05.

Wow, its a new year, its like the Earth went all the way around the Sun and didn't get hit by a single gigantic asteriod. Its like Armageddon didn't happen 12 years ago, that was a good movie. Why don't they make movies like that anymore? It makes me feel old. I can't believe that movie was 12 years
ago. Now there is a whole new set of calenders that I will have to take down, hide and use the empty white back as a canvas for art.

I think I may take up painting this year on calenders that I collect from Mega Mart. I have so much stuff to do, crap, I hope I don't burn myself out. I definately have to get some new hosting, launch a app and change that thing in the toilet thats wasting the water after I
specifically told it to stop. Wait till I get my money right. I am not going to do a "best of list" because you all know where the Archives are stored. All 8 years of it.

I have always wanted to be a Fellow in a learned society but I have yet to complete medical school, intern-ship and a residency. As I was mentioning to Alex, I would like to be so smart that people would come up to me and ask me questions and just leave inspired like a G6, sober girls be round me acting
like they drunk. So fly, that I don't even have to care about anything. Peace Out.

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  1. That toilet thing sounds pretty serious. Hope it all works out.


    by Whitney 2011-Jan-06 

  2. I got it fixed! The ball cock only cost a $1000! woot! (yes it is called a ball cock)

    by owen 2011-Jan-09 

  3. Armageddon DID happen. Everything that has happened afterward has been a purgatory/dresm thing, like in the Lost finale. The Eagles just got packed away. How sad.

    by Mad Bull 2011-Jan-09 

  4. The Eagles should go back to doing what they are good at which is music, lol. But serious what in the world was happening in that lost finale? it madness! pure madness!

    by owen 2011-Jan-10 

  5. U mean you want to be like Arlen Faber in Answer Man?
    Dang, good luck dude.

    by Tami 2011-Jan-14 

  6. never heard of that one before

    by owen 2011-Jan-15