1. curry coolie
    calaloo coolie?
    mi nuh kno :S

    by iriediva 2011-Feb-02 

  2. Pinky fa sho!

    by Tami 2011-Feb-02 

  3. i would love to have the alias of my cousin Unruly Coolie, but alas, those features don't show so much for me. I would have to go with Mister Wehlonga. LOL!!!

    by Aurie 2011-Feb-02 

  4. I suggest you go with something related to dogs

    by owen 2011-Feb-07 

  5. whether the woman?

    by yanto 2011-Feb-12 

  6. Mine would probably be Mad Bull.

    by Mad Bull 2011-Feb-21 

  7. Crazy red.

    by Toya 2011-Mar-05 

  8. Jersey's Tragic Princess. Felony Melody.

    by Cate Jones 2011-May-03 

  9. ...... i wouldn't knw

    by Yahja 2011-Sep-11 

  10. Softman, or John Doe

    by owen 2011-Dec-01 

  11. I would choose assclown/cuntclown ... Either one.

    by arimartinart 2013-Feb-27 

  12. I would change it back to Ian. If I stayed as Ermac, they would be able to identify me more easily.

    by ThatCreepyWhiteGuy 2013-Nov-25