The Four Season: Spring

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written by owen on 2010-May-08.

8:27 I'm begining think that time itself had totally stopped and I was bobbing about in a sea of crude oil. I think I was mostly trying to avoid going to sleep, usually in Kingston I would be up watching cable but here in Mandeville, there really was nothing else to do but sleep. Sleep until you die. It seems that the slow wireless internet connection only works during the day (even though I can see it at night). Might as well, because when it works - it BARELY WORKS. The night chorus is in full swing, dogs, crickets, little lizards. Not a fire trunk, airplane or siren to be heard for miles, my ears to sting.

Suddenlly a pene-wally came flying through the veranda grill and landed on my leg. I quickly brushed it onto the floor (thinking wow its almost like that scene in the movie Avatar). I could not remember if it had a bite but I doubt it because I used to catch them and put them in a bottle when I was a younger boy. There aren't alot of them now though, must be all the buildings or the pollution or tiger woods or because of the street lights. Though knowing that some are still there brings a certain comfort.

If there is only good thing about the night, then, it must be the fact that it makes for good thinking, dropping prose like pigeon, and watching people return from work/school. It is all the usual suspects, I may write about them someday but not today. I need to gather my thoughts, as the cold air whips pass my bear feet on the concrete, 2 arrive, seed delays, ( its too late, I have 10 roomates), then leaves, to concieve another night.

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  1. Sometimes you need to get away from it all to realise what you had back then was good enough.

    by Tami 2010-May-08 

  2. Can't beat the fried bread fruit in the mornings though. yum

    by owen 2010-May-11 

  3. if only I knew what a night qwiuirer was. . . then I would be more equipped to comment on this post

    and no, nothing beats fried bread fruit. at all. Except maybe fried boiled dumplings

    by Gods Child 2010-May-12 

  4. lol, my mistake I meant a choir, chorale, or chorus is a musical ensemble of singers. Spell check failed me.

    by owen 2010-May-12 

  5. that was how u spelt it?

    allow me to *dead*

    wait why spelt underline...word no go so? my bad....

    by iriediva 2010-May-19