PSP2, NGP Sucks because its all been done before

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written by owen on 2011-Jan-29.

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Sony, Sony, Sony. You know that shit is going to cost $599 USD. There is no way you are going to get all those features in a 300 dollar handheld. Sony apparently has yet to learn its lesson. These are the same features they were selling when the PSP1 came out (bigger, better, faster). Might as well they called it the PSP4000. I mean how can a system running at 2.5 times the resolution of the 3DS have comparable battery life? its logically impossible. The battery would have to be as big as the damn screen (also adding to its weight).

I don't know, why change the XMB menu? I don't even know who is going to care about a system that is coming out 9-12 months from now. Why they even announce it? If you announce something, you launch it in 3 months. Better yet you launch it the very next week, but Sony is not Apple. Don't wait until all the hate builds up or the thing gets leaked to the public.

Not to mention the launch line up. All those games might as well be running on a PS3 because it doesn't matter. I hope they port Uncharted 1 exactly to it, EXACTLY! Every feature in Uncharted one, on the system and I hope they sell it for $60. I mean why buy a PS3 for $300 when you can play the same game on the PSP2? Did they even try to develop a NEW game that makes use of all its new features? NO, they just ported the game that they already know are big sellers on the PS3. LBP? on a handheld? Its hard enough to tell when the sack boy is on a TV much less a small screen. Where is Heavy Rain? Where is LocoRoco? Where is God Of War 3? Eco? GTA4?

It plays PSone games? so what? the PSP plays PSone games. Where the hell are the PS2 games?

Having a touch pad on the back is as gay as dual screens on the DS. Its nothing but a reach around. "Touch it on the front, touch it on the back!" should be the new tagline. You will have release your grip on the console to fully utilize the back touch pad. Considering the weight and the size of the thing, people and kids are going to be dropping it left, right, center and back!

Its like someone at Sony is like "wait, how are we going to innovate around this touch screen gimmic? we are not smart enough to really think up anything new but we already have the most powerful handheld on the market, so lets make it more powerful than EVERY CONSOLE EVER CREATED and put the touchscreen ON THE BACK!" and someone else in the back shouts out "yes! and lets re-release all our current biggest PS3 IPs and add that right analog stick and cartridges that the fans have been requesting FOREVER!"

This is a system that will only sell to fanbois. Seriously, everybody who will buy this console will already have a PS3 (which is not alotta a people). The PSP GO flopped, go look that thing up, it costs $300 USD and it didn't even have rumble. Why not just make a portable PS2?

What they should have done

Here I list the things that make a portable console cool;

  • 10 hour battery life minimum.
  • Cheap, small, light weight and solid build.
  • Lots of portable games, homebrew, and Flash games.
  • Usb ports and SD card slots.
  • Simplicity

The PSP2, NGP is none of these. Infact the PSP2 is the same as the PSP1. Everything that caused the PSP1 to fail is amplified 4 times.

The perfect PSP2 (update)

The perfect hand held from Sony right now would be a small ps2. Seriously.

  • The console will include all the PS2 hardware except the DVD drive, Controller ports and Memory card slot. It would in fact be a miniature PS2 with a built in screen.
  • It would play PS2 games stored a flash card, downloaded from the ps2 disc inserted into a PS3 or bought from the Sony Store.
  • Games would be played directly on the hardware. Therefore reducing the need for extra processing power for emulation.
  • It would have 10 hours battery life. Minimum.
  • It would play PS2 network broadband games over WIFI.
  • It would not support connection to a tv (so as not to kill ps2 sales)
  • New games could be released on it without disrupting the Backward compatibility of PS2 games while making use of extra features and a touch screen. In fact extra hardware features are not even necessary but I know some Sony Fans love to have do dads.
  • Rumble, Dual Analog sticks

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  1. You made some good points because this system is nothing new sony is just copying eveything from everyone else like nintendo,apple,and other companies and putting it into one system and for the pice of it you may as well just buy a ps3 ps2,and or wii. With all this $hi+ in the system it you can probably only get about 2 hours on it plus it probably wont fit in you poket it will weigh alot and the batter is gonna have to be as big as life. Im shooting for the nintendo 3ds it has much more to offer and its officialy coming out March 27th! The Nintendo 3ds can handle everything in it including the 3d getting about 5-6 hours on it plus its light and fits in your pocket and it probably wont over heat because none of my previous ds's have over heated!

    by Darksasuke75 2011-Feb-01 

  2. I am not saying that you can't build a super fast handheld but Sony seems to not have a clue about how to manage their hardware and software growth cycle.

    by owen 2011-Feb-02 

  3. lmao look like some one doesnt know much info thay got a way bigger line up plus it might cost 300-350 $ but they will sell a weaker version that doesnt support the 3g which i dont like but it will be cheaper to like 250 $ where the DS is at they got shit load of games but they didnt show those

    by ur wrong arent u 2011-Feb-02 

  4. why would you sell a weaker version if they all play the same games?

    by owen 2011-Feb-07 

  5. Please take offense in what I am going to say. You are retarded. You more-or-less described the "perfect psp2" to be a psp with a better battery life. Uncharted will not be a port, it will be a new entry. All of those games will be new entries. And their are plenty of games(like Gravity Daze) which would probably play better on the psp2. What would be the difference between having a portable ps2 and having a portable ps3? Graphics. So, you fine moron, your perfect psp is actually a failure by your own reasons. Honestly, you can't be this retarded. To make a portable gaming device, you have to make something that will still look appealing in 4/5 years. So great looking hardware now from the psp2 will look outdated by the end of it's cycle, and it should. Tech moves forward.

    by Joe 2011-Feb-04 

  6. "I always thought that console ports and type games on the PSP was seen as a negative aspect of it's library, which is why I'm surprised they are making a similar push with the NGP reveal."

    by owen 2011-Feb-07 

  7. you really all need to check these things up! Alot of what you have said isn't true!

    by ya mum 2011-Feb-12 

  8. ARE YOU FU**ING SERIOUS?? First of all, nintendo blows balls, the tiny 3D screen is bullshit, who the hell cares about 3D, it's still gonna be the same damn games except 3D. And let's look at what 3D did to movies?? Can you think of any movie, other than jackass, in 3D that's worth re-watching?? No. Second of all, Sony didn't steal shit, sixaxis controllers were way before wii, they have motion sensing technology. Third, 3DS isn't cutting edge, 3D isn't new, and very soon it will be outdated, and LG is coming out with glasses free 3D phone that captures 3D video. Im impressed with the phone, not 3DS. Fourth, GRAPHICS ARE EVERYTHING, that's what next-gen means, games look more real, with intense graphics and physics, it's not how quick you can play the game through. The psp2 will handle ps3 games, how can that be bad??
    Not to mention the OLED display which uses less batteries than LCD.

    You guys have fun playing donkey kong and Mario and pokemon, the same games since like 80's, while I'll be playing COD on my psp2, with 2 thumbsticks, on the fuckin go.

    Stupid nintendo folk, you don't know shit about video games.

    And wait?? When has this been done before?? I didn't know that ps3 quality video games are in a portable console now??

    (3DS=3 dicks sucker)

    by Squasha 2011-Feb-14 

  9. hahah, your such an idiot dude. The fact that you say that graphics are everything and thats what next-gen is proves my point. Graphics are not everything, not even close. NGP will NOT be next-gen anyway, neither are the current consoles, not even PS3. The NGP will not look as good as the PS3 even, which is five year old tech. So through basic logic, we see that it is not in fact next-gen. PS3 is not either, nor his xbox because PC graphics cards soundly thrash the shit out of theirs every single time. Consoles can NEVER catch up to PC cards and speed, so consoles and the shit ass NGPiece of shit are not next-gen.

    Second of all, you make yourself look like an even huger n00b thinking your a "hardcore" gamer for playing a shit game like COD. COD sucks ass and is not in the LEAST a hardcore game. Your point about mario, zelda, etc. being played out is also moot because you mention COD. At this point, COD is just as played out, lame, and rehashed as those games dude, sorry but its true. Its the same bullshit over and over and over, it sucks ass. Not to mention the myriad of other repetitive shit war FPS games that n00bs and faggot fanboys like you think are so hardcore and next- gen.

    by the guy above 2011-Apr-07 

  10. It's not hard to tell that u dont like anything new. Your the kind of guy who wants there ps2 to play games and do nothing else. And why don't you go buy a ds? It's quite obvious that you want one from your idea of what psp should do. Plus ps2 games can only run on either a ps2 or very powerful pc with a ps2 emulator like pcsx2. Honestly your ideas are complete shit, it may have the same look as a psp but it's almost completely different in terms of power and features. Besides, wasn't the ps2 so damn successful even though it was basically a ps1 with better graphics? Believe it or not, it has a similar if not better battery life compared to the 3ds. I'm pretty sure the 3ds must run off a single AAA battery for Christ sake. The new menu looks much more accessible and easier to navigate than the xmb menu, and it was announced 9 months or so before release to give plenty of time for people to get hyped, and also because now a bunch of people who were going to get the 3ds like me will now wait until the NGp comes out and buy that instead. Plus, you say that you may aswell play ngp games on a ps3, then ask for a direct port of uncharted!!!! And also the NGp won't just have ps3 games on it, it's just using those as launch titles to show of it's specs and so that it has a collection of release titles that will sell decently, seeming as their already good selling games. Yes the track pad may seem stupid but its not all that useless. I mean, atleast it won't force you to use it like the ds does with the touch screen. You may think otherwise, but quite frankly I don't see any serious developer making it necessary to use, as they will make it do that you cam either use the track pad or joystick to move sort of thing. And that whole thing about Sony shouting out touch screen ideas is stupid.
    The psp go may have failed, but that was because it had nothing new, yet took away the use of umds. The ngp has crap loads of new features, and while it may not be the greatest success due to no casual support, but other wise will be the thing everyone with brains wants.
    Did the psp1 have 3G, oled screen, ps3 graphics, two joysticks, touch screen, track pad or any more of the extra features that the ngp will have? No.
    So screw off, and go trade your pokemon with one of your two friends (which btw probably includes your parents) somewhere else you trolling fanboy.

    by Awesomeness 2011-Feb-27 

  11. lol @ sony fanboys being all like "we have gaems".

    by lolrofl 2011-Mar-24 

  12. sony ngp sucks, 3ds rocks it has these awesome AR cards and these cool games coming out like Kid icarus, Star fox 3D 64, Paper Mario, Mario Kart 7, Mario land 3D, Luigi mansion 2 and The Legend of Zelda ocarina of time.

    by Riley 2011-Aug-15